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Frequently Asked Questions about booking a plane ticket

This feature varies depending on the type of ticket. In system tickets, it is not possible to change the name, and in case of such a request, the previous ticket must be returned and then a new ticket must be issued. However, in charter tickets, this request can be followed according to the charter rules.

This is not necessary on many flights. All you have to do is bring your ticket number with you when you arrive at the airport

It is necessary to present a valid ID card such as identity card, national card, driver’s license or passport

The amount of cargo allowed is determined by the rules of the airlines. See the Rules and Regulations page for more information

The list of items that passengers can carry as a free hand luggage on board is as follows: Patient wheelchair, small hand cradle and baby food, camera, appropriate amount of magazine or book, handbag and the like

For information on cancellation procedures and rules, refer to the rules and regulations section of the site

In domestic flights, you must be present at the airport one hour before the flight and in foreign flights, two hours before the flight, and receive your flight card by referring to the relevant counter clerk and presenting a ticket and ID card. It should be noted that the relevant counter will be closed thirty minutes before the flight time

It means a passenger who does not fly. In case of system tickets, if the passenger does not make his flight, according to the rules of the airline, part of the cost of purchasing the ticket will be refunded. Also, a passenger who cancels his ticket within 24 hours of the flight is considered a No-Show

Terminal number one: Kish Air, Zagros

Terminal number two: Iran Air, Iran Airtour, Ata, Qeshm Air, Meraj, Naft

Terminal number three: Mahan, Caspian, Aseman, Atrak, Taban, Sepahan, Saha, Sepehran

All foreign flights originating from Tehran are operated from Imam Khomeini International Airport

Frequently asked questions about hotel reservation

No, sometimes the cost of online booking is cheaper than the cost of booking in person at the hotel

It is better to book a hotel three to four weeks before the trip, because in busy times and days when the number of trips to the cities of the country increases, the hotels are completed at a higher speed

In some periods, such as holidays, special occasions or seasonal celebrations, tourists and people traveling to a city increase, and therefore hotels also reduce their discount and commission rates, which causes Create rate differences at different times

Rooms are usually rated based on the number of people and depending on the type of room and the number of people who can stay. For example, if you have chosen a double room, the cost of the room is calculated based on two people

In some hotel rooms it is possible to use one or two people with extra capacity and it is possible to accommodate more people than the nominal capacity of the room. But it should also be noted that each additional person must be paid a separate fee

At the time of booking the hotel online, all accommodation costs are calculated and the guest pays in full accordingly and there is no need to pay extra at the hotel; Unless you are using the hotel’s facilities and ancillary services during your stay, you will have to pay for them separately

Changing the booking date depends on the hotel rules, you can change the booking date if your hotel mentions it in the rules and regulations

Arrival before the announced time depends entirely on the hotel rules and you can enter your room before the appointed time only if the hotel allows. You can arrange with the hotel before you reach your destination

For information on cancellation procedures and rules, refer to the site rules and regulations page

Frequently asked questions about booking a train ticket

For passing through the ticket central gate, it is nessacary to have ticket and valid ID card.Even if for any reason you can cross the gate without these documents, the train clerk will consider your ticket without, ticket and will charge you full cost of the ticket.

You can take your essentials with you. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is to fit the space of your coupe, the second is that its volume does not exceed 75 cm in size and weighs 30 kg, and the third is that your belongings do not cause danger or problems for other passengers or damage to the train. Of such explosives, incendiary, infectious, foul-smelling, oily liquid and dairy products, trafficking, toxic, breakable.

A valid ticket is required to cross the ticket control gate and board the train. However, if you have a valid ID card and ticket details, you can go to the duplicate ticket office at the station and get a duplicate ticket by paying 5% of the ticket price.

If for any reason you want your car to be with you on the trip, when booking your ticket from the booking section of the place, select the item to carry the car and continue the steps. It is also important to know that the car is insured and the cost is received according to the model and type of car.

At present, it is not possible to return the purchased train tickets on the Javan Seir Isar company online, so to cancel your ticket with a valid ID card and a printed version of the ticket, you can refer to the JavanSir Isar company or ticket sales centers. Return it.

It is an hour before the train station through which this is not. Because the trains. The time listed on the ticket, originating station to the destination city to leave it there.

No. It is not possible to issue anonymous tickets on intercity trains and all tickets are issued by name. Train number, departure date, hall and seat number, ticket serial number and passenger name are in the sales system.

It is not possible through the site. But by referring to the railway station or the Javan Sir Isar company , this is possible by repaying the full amount of the ticket .

How to Sell Some trains in some way such as Tehran to anymore, Tehran to Yazd (campus), Tehran to Mashhad (campus), Tehran to Zanjan and Tehran in the middle of the reserve quotas as the way to do it .

If one of the routes is canceled, you must take both tickets to the train station or ticket office and charge for both trains, provided that the second train has not expired.

For information on cancellation procedures and rules, refer to the rules and regulations section of the site.

It is possible to re-issue the ticket prepared through the online shopping system or to visit the Javan Seire Isar site or by representation reference.

You can only carry one extra passenger in a closed compartment. Of course, the full amount of the ticket on the train was received from them and they are only allowed to stay in the same compartment.

If you select foreign nationals in the Passenger Information section, you will be asked to fill in the passport number at the button.

A valid passport is also required to board the train. Of course, for Afghan citizens without a valid passport, it is necessary to have a 10 to 15 day travel card. In addition, children under the age of 10 can also board the train with the same ticket. For children over 10 years old, a separate traffic ticket must be received.

Frequently Asked Questions about booking bus tickets

No, bus fares are the same for both in-person and online purchases

You can take your essentials with you. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is to fit the space of your coupe, the second is that its volume does not exceed 75 cm in size and weighs 30 kg, and the third is that your belongings do not cause danger or problems for other passengers or damage to the train. Of such explosives, incendiary, infectious, foul-smelling, oily liquid and dairy products, trafficking, toxic, breakable.

No, generally restrictions on the purchase of a bus ticket there but every time only can a four- seat bus select and buy goods. And after completing the first step, you can reapply for the remaining ticket.

Yes, the number and position of the selected chair on the site corresponds to its reality and you should sit on the same chair when you chose buying the ticket.

If you want to send the bus to you. You have to coordinate with the relevant cooperatives and there is no need to buy bus tickets online.

Bus ticket of all companion that provide their services to passenger online are sold on the site of the Javan Seire Isar Company.

Since the name of the origin terminal is written on the purchased bus ticket, you can get the necessary information about the platform and the place of boarding the bus you want by referring to the relevant cooperative booth in the origin terminal.

According to the rules of the Highway Organization, each bus passenger is allowed to carry 20 kg of cargo on domestic trips and 40 kg on foreign trips.

If you buy online through the Javan Sir Isar, in order to get on the bus in the middle of the road, you must coordinate with the office of the relevant travel company in this regard and ask if it is possible to reach other passengers on the bus at a certain point. Join. It is worth mentioning that this coordination must be done by the passenger himself and the young man of self-sacrifice is not responsible in this regard.

To board the bus, it is best to be at the terminal 30 minutes before departure. By doing this, you can inform the relevant cooperative booth of the ticket number that was texted to you by Javan Sir Isar company and ask them to issue you a paper ticket. Otherwise, in order to have complete information about your ticket, it is better to refer to your purchase panel on the website of Javan Sir Isar and print the information related to your travel ticket number.

It is better to compare the ticket details with the requested details after selecting the bus ticket and before paying for it, and make sure that it is correct. However, if for any reason you have to correct your ticket information, to make any changes to the ticket, contact Javan Sir Isar so that after making the necessary arrangements with the relevant cooperative, your ticket information can be corrected and re-issued. It is worth mentioning that some cooperatives charge a fine for making these changes, which is borne by the buyer.

For domestic trips, it is necessary to have a national card and a bus ticket, and for foreign trips, a valid passport will be added to the list of these documents.

No, it is not necessary to provide bus tickets for infants and children under 5 years old.

It is not possible to carry dogs and cats on passenger buses, but if the passenger wants to carry a bird as a pet, he must first coordinate with the bus driver and then deliver the bird to the bus box with a cage. It should be noted that in this method, because the bird is carried in a box, the passenger is responsible for the animal’s possible respiratory problems.

It is now possible to return bus tickets to the Javan Sir Isar company by phone, and in the near future, online refund conditions will be provided in this system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Insurance

Travel insurance supports insurers against the various risks that may arise during travel. Threats such as bodily injury, long delays, lost cargo, delayed arrival, and having travel insurance are not concern.

Travel insurance is required to travel to certain areas. The embassy will not issue you a visa in these areas without travel insurance. For example, travel insurance is required to travel to the Schengen area. You need to see if travel insurance is necessary depending on the destination of your trip .

Travel insurance without a stamp is also valid, but it must be stamped to be presented to embassies in European countries .

With travel insurance you do not have to worry about travel problems; Because it supports you in the face of various issues that may arise during the trip. If your vehicle is delayed for a long time, if you have a physical accident, if your luggage is lost and other issues, travel insurance will protect you against all of these.

Terms that include travel insurance are called coverage. According to these coverages, if the insurer is harmed, the insurance company will take the necessary measures.

tems that include travel insurance are called coverage. According to these coverages, if the insurer is harmed, the insurance company will take the necessary measure

Of dirt offices such as physical damage, dirt offices of financial loss resulting from the delay means of transportation, lost or stolen money, lost identification documents and travel insurance .

You should contact the helper company immediately and explain the incident to an expert. The company number is written on your insurance policy.

Travel insurance premiums depend on several factors. Your travel premium can vary depending on your age, the destination and duration of your trip, and the amount of coverage you choose for your travel insurance.

Travel insurance has a fixed term and is then void. You must purchase again to renew

According to the terms of the insurance policy, the insurance company will pay for your loss

Yes; to use travel insurance, you must have a travel stamp in your passport when you leave the country. For this reason, the origin of the trip must be Iran. A traveler who has purchased travel insurance cannot choose another country as the origin of the trip to start the trip.

Yes, with a written request in person policyholders and insurance to travel insurance refund insurance agency may be impossible.

Accident insurance Medical expenses caused by accident, death due to accident, disability and permanent and complete disability due to accident, permanent and partial disability due to accident, daily compensation due to temporary disability due to accident Includes accidents and incidents of this kind. While travel insurance coverage in general accident, bodily injury, injury and acute illness, medical expenses and hospitalization, payment of dental emergency, relocation or return of the insured to the country of residence, return of the deceased body, return of relatives Insured to the country of residence, emergency trip of a relative, return of orphaned children, emergency return to the country due to the death of a close family member, delivery of medicine, legal aid, delay in the arrival of the insured’s cargo, cash transfer and Is included.

Travel insurance does not have a large premium and is usually issued for a maximum of one year. Most people also travel shortly after purchasing insurance, so premiums are usually paid in cash.

Take installment in the insurance solely for the purpose of consideration and raise customer satisfaction, but pay dirt Earth depends on timely payment of installments of insurance is that if on the dirt ground if the installments that its maturity, the amount unpaid, have Base card to deposit ratio will be paid. If you do not have deferred installments and maturing in the next installment is reached and dirt earth eat, the insurance company thistles card to complete the payment. Unless otherwise agreed in the insurance policy.

For travels abroad, having a travel insurance is required because one of the conditions for issuing a visa is having a valid travel insurance.

Travel insurance is determined by obligations based on euros and foreign currencies. Also, terrorist attacks and bombings in these insurance companies and war conditions are not covered by the insurance policy. Arbaeen accident insurance, which is issued during the days of Muharram and Arbaeen for the benefit of pilgrims, covered the following risks and is much cheaper than travel insurance. In addition, it covers terrorist operations, bombings, war conditions, as well as ISIL attacks.
* The cost of hospitalization and medical treatment
* The cost of transfer to the nearest hospital or Iran
* The cost of returning the insured body in case of death in Iraq
* Death and disability
* Death and mutilation in case of terrorist incidents and bombings
* Prepare and send the necessary medicine
It should be noted that the amount of each of the above will vary depending on the insurance company.

Travel insurance policies start from the time you leave the country and are valid from one week to one year, depending on the period of purchase, which is stated in the text of the insurance policy. – Confidently pact quick access our services

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