Train ticket guide

If you want to travel with train, you doc could reserve by weblog of The Javan Seire Isar company.

Process of buying train ticket

  1. Ticket Search
  2. Train selection
  3. Data entry
  4. Payment of issued ticket

Step 1: searching for ticket

For searching the domestic train ticket, at the first you should visit the Javan Seir Isar website and first page of it. Then select the train column and in domestic train section enter origin, destination, departure date and number of passenger. Then click the search button to see the possible option.

Step 2: select train

This section display the available options with your requested data and destination. You can sort ticket by price, departure date from the top bar you .you can also change your search and see new results. You can use the filters on the right side of the page for more accurate search. These filters include watches and shipping companies. Once you have found the option you want, click on the online booking option and enter the data entry section.

Stage 3: Data entry

If you have account that is available, you can pass this stage easily. Only by click on the Data entry passenger option or if you not have it, you should enter the name, family, date of birth and national code .Also if your selected train have hospitality ,you can active this option.

You should enter the information including Email the address, tell number. In this way, the information of the purchased ticket will be best to you. After entering the information, click on calculate final price option to book the ticket for you.

Select on of the payment getaway and click on the transfer to payment getaway butt.

Step 4: payment and issued ticket

Require information for online payment:

  1. Card number: 16 Digi number entered on your bank card.
  2. CVV2 code: A3 or 4 Digit number engraved on your bank card.
  3. Expiration date: date that engraved on card base on month and year and indication period of your bank card.
  4. Security Code: Enter the letters or numbers you need to authenticate in the box.
  5. Security code: enter the letter or number you need to authentic in the box.
  6. Email: your email address to receive a bank receipt (Email entry) is optionally.

After completing the relevant fields, click on the payment button, to pay for the ticket online, and your ticket will be issued definitively

Javan Seir Isar company, wishes you enjoyable journey