Online refund flight ticket

In order to refund a place online, first you must login to the site, so from the top left of the site, click on the User after click on user login in the left corner.

Enter the requested information in the displayed window and click on Login. The username is your mobile number and the password has already been texted to you. If you do not have a password, click on Recover Password to have the password sent to you again.

After entering in the site, to top left the page, click on your username as shown below and select the refund shopping list.

The trips you have already booked will be displayed to you, select the refund request option on left.

If you want the money to be deposited directly in your bank account, select Refund of the ticket option.

Enter your card number and name then click on refund ticket.

Javan Seir Isar company , wishes you enjoyable journey.