Dear customers

While welcoming to you dear customer, we would be like inform for handlalingsubscriber and user with using, complaint of international and domestic transportation company Javan Seire Isar in operation of Article 25 –of the law for improving and ministrative, Health organization and comb ting corruption and in order to increase customer satisfaction of the international and domestic self- sacrifice journey has been launched through communication with end subscribers. All Dear subscribers and partner can register of their own complainant regarding to the presentation services for branches of this company, organization and related company involving ultimate subscriber and user with using related link in this page, and general respect ion unit the subsidiaries of the company is responsible for answering these complainant are handeled.The process for registering and responding to complainant by the system is such that costumer receives a track number by entering it in the system and registering his compliant. Receive and reference complainant by the center refer to inspection Units Company. And according to mention schedule, response will be provided in the system. If you have a complainant about the front of providing services to any of drivers or their affiliated representative in the areas violation of law laws, failure or non-performance of duty, delay of investigation, non-response or weakness in providing services and are not personally interested and request investigation from this center.

  • Call the company and request a complaint
  • Send a fax to the phone number +9821-665713150
  • Send SMS to +989053406080
  • In-person request

The investigation and final result taken by the experts, they will be notified to you through the available communication portals. You can express your satisfaction with grievance process via SMS.

Submit compliantan and criticisms